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Kindergarten Program

Offering a half day of learning in a small group setting

Looking for the consistency of a half-day Kindergarten program for your five year old this fall?

The Kinder House is a new Kindergarten program in Regina. We offer a consistent half-day, five days a week schedule, low teacher-student ratio and curriculum in accordance with the provincial guidelines.

The Kinder House

Our Program

Our half-day Kindergarten program is designed for children who will transition into grade one in the public school system. With that in mind, our Kindergarten class will be very similar to the Kindergarten programs being offered in the Regina Public and Catholic school systems but with a more consistent, half-day, five day per week schedule. Our program also offers the added benefit of a smaller class size, giving more individual attention to building strong literacy and numeracy foundations for success in future grades. A half day Kindergarten schedule provides a consistent weekly routine for children as they learn to navigate the formal classroom setting. It also gives them a more evenly paced daily routine, which can be beneficial for families.

I will be teaching from resources that are similar to those used in the school systems so as to provide greater consistency for students as they transition to grade one the following year. With having a maximum of eight students, I feel that I will be better able to adapt to the learning level of my students and better meet their individual learning needs. As play is an integral part of the Kindergarten learning process, we will have daily opportunities for play both indoors and out, in addition to the more formal targeted daily lessons.

Kindergarten is a key foundational time for students. It is a critical stage in their early learning, and a time in which they develop the foundation for their future as life-long learners. Important seeds of learning are planted at this time. Kindergarten students deserve to have the best environment in order for those seeds to grow to their full potential.

THe Kinder House


Who Am I?

Seven years ago I left my full time position teaching grade one at Grant Road School in Regina to stay at home with my infant daughter. After much soul-searching, we made the decision as a family for me to stay home permanently until our daughter was of school age. After having a son and four more years passing, I was starting to think of making my return to the profession that I love once our son was in the first grade. However, in April, when the Catholic School board announced that they are moving their Kindergarten program to full day- alternating days, my heart broke at the thought of my son going to school for a full day. I just didn’t feel that it was in the best interests of any five year old to have such a long school day and with such a fluctuating schedule. After searching for other schooling options, and wanting more social and group experience than homeschooling could provide, inspiration struck and I realized we could have our own Kindergarten program right here in our house... and The Kinder House was born!  I am extremely passionate about Early Childhood Education and I am very excited to be starting this new adventure. I am looking forward to fulfilling my dream of teaching Kindergarten once again and encouraging more young children along their learning path.

My Experience

I have a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Saskatchewan as well as an Early Childhood Diploma from the North American Montessori Center. I have worked in public schools and private schools, in Canada and overseas. I have taught grades PreK-3, worked in a childcare centre, and also ran my own home daycare in the year before my son was born. My variety of experience has provided me with a multi-faceted perspective on the schooling experience.

THe Kinder House

More About the Program

The Kinder House


The Kinder House program will follow the Saskatchewan Curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education. We will be exploring weekly themes, with a focus on building our literacy levels and developing our numeracy skills. Gross motor skill development is important at this young age so Physical Education will be a daily part of our program. Fine-tuning our fine motor skills will also be an important focus of many activities throughout the Kindergarten year as we incorporate fine arts, social studies, science and health into our weekly themes.

The Kinder House


Communicating with parents about their children’s progress will be an integral part of the Kinder House program. I will be providing weekly memos informing parents of the week's learning focuses. I will also be using the ClassDojo app to build virtual portfolios and give parents a window into their child's daily learning. Similar to the public school systems, I will be offering conferences and progress reports at three points during the school year- November, March and June. However, as one of the benefits of our small group, I will be able to check in with families more frequently. I will be providing short check-in conferences two weeks and six weeks into our school year, as well as a mid-point check and a spring check-in. I want parents to feel informed on their children’s progress - families are at the heart of their child’s learning!

The Kinder House


My supportive family has generously agreed to sharing the main floor of our two-story house as a classroom work space. We have a wonderful sunny space to learn and explore together! 

Our dining room is being converted into a large group lesson area and our main floor living room, which already served as a playroom for our children, is being reorganized and restructured to house all the play centre spaces regularly offered in a Kindergarten classroom. The kitchen will serve as a snack area and includes access to the main floor washroom. We will also be using our fenced backyard for recess and our Phys. Ed. lessons. On occasion, we will have outdoor activities in the open field across the street.

The Kinder House


Drop off time will begin at 8:50 a.m. with all students arriving by 9:00. Pick up will be at 12:00 p.m.

As snack and outdoor recess will be parts of our program, students will need to bring a backpack and weather-appropriate outdoor clothing daily.

The school year will be similar to the Catholic School Board’s academic calendar for 2021/22, with similar holidays observed. A calendar will be distributed at the beginning of the year so that parents can plan in advance.

The Kinder House

Covid-19 Considerations

As our Kindergarten legally falls under the childcare regulations of the COVID-19 protocols, the government recommended guidelines will be closely followed.

Students will need to wear masks while at school until the guidelines indicate it is safe to remove them in indoor spaces. Stringent hand and surface cleaning will also be followed until such time as the restrictions ease for childcare spaces.

The Kinder House


The Kinder House program tuition is $325 per month.

A $100 registration fee will secure your child's spot in the program. It will be used as a credit towards your child's final month of tuition.

A $50 material fee will be due when school begins.

Tax receipts will be issued in February.

The Kinder House


To register your child for the fall, please email me at: or please call or text, 306-552-8348.

If you would like more information please contact me! I would love to hear from you! If you are interested in meeting me, I would be happy to set up a virtual meeting for you to get a better sense of who I am and to have the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

I will be hosting virtual tours throughout the summer so that families can see our learning space. There will also be an Open House event in late August 2021 so that students can see their classroom and meet me before school begins in September.

THe Kinder House

Maria Zasada

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